Greenville Auto Repair

Auto AC Service and Repair in Greenville, SC

With our sweltering South Carolina summers, vehicles quickly turn into an oven as they bake in the sun. It feels amazing to turn the air conditioning way down low and feel that cold air blasting against your skin…. Until the day it doesn’t and you find yourself with the windows down struggling to even breathe.

There are several reasons a vehicle may not be able to cool properly. It could have a freon leak, causing the system not to stay charged. It could also have blocked air flow in any of the lines and the air vents. Any blockage that constricts air flow could shut down your AC system. Your system may have a faulty A/C compressor, AC clutch, A/C condenser, expansion drive, receiver, dryer, orifice tube, accumulator, evaporator, or blower. At Mason and Sons we service all types of refrigerants. Older vehicles with outdated AC systems to modern vehicles requiring the latest refrigerant, we service them all!

If your AC is not blowing as cold as it should, or not blowing any air at all, schedule an AC diagnostic, over the phone or online, and we will get you back to cool quickly.

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