Greenville Auto Repair

Brake Repair and Service in Greenville, SC

Oftentimes you can feel when your brakes are worn out by the changes it brings about in your vehicle. Here are some of the “red flags” to watch out for so you know when it is time to get your brake pads inspected.

  1. If you hear your brakes grinding or screeching.
  2. If the brake pedal feels mushy or is lower than usual.
  3. If the brakes vibrate while stopping.
  4. If you notice excessive amounts of brake dust on your wheels or rims.
  5. If you feel vibration while braking,

Making the mistake of ignoring the warning signs of brake maintenance can be costly. Being able to come to a complete stop in a short distance is a vital part of staying safe while driving. Average daily driving requires braking and stopping multiple times a day which creates friction and heat which results in wear and tear on your brake pads. Usually, a set of brakes will last around 30,000 to 35,000 miles. Driving around too long with worn out brake pads can lead to a variety of other damage in your braking system. 

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