Greenville Auto Repair

Catalytic Converter Replacement in Greenville, SC

There are basically two reasons to change your Catalytic converter. Either it's not working, or it's been stolen.

When your catalytic converter stops working correctly,  it will often cause a check engine light to show up on your dashboard to let you know.  The catalytic converter is part of your vehicle’s emission control system.  It “converts” harmful chemicals, like carbon monoxide, into non-polluting substances and is crucial for managing harmful emissions from a car.

The catalytic converter is an integral component of your vehicle’s emission control system — oftentimes you won't notice a difference while driving, but if it does start causing your car to have performance issues, you should act quickly.  If it becomes completely blocked, your engine won't run at all.

Your vehicle can also develop problems down the road if you don’t replace a faulty catalytic converter. Problems include:

  • Engine won’t start 
  • Lack of Power
  • Hesitation
  • Misfires
  • Stalling
  • Lower fuel efficiency
  • Rotten egg like smell

A clogged catalytic converter may also cause damage to the surrounding components as a result from higher than normal temperatures. The exhaust manifold is typically located near the catalytic converter and can easily overheat, causing the exhaust manifold to crack. Symptoms of this can include visible cracks with escaping smoke. If you wait too long, resolving the issue may require a replacement of the whole exhaust system.

As is the case with almost any repair, the price can greatly vary depending on the issue, the vehicle,  and more. The catalytic converter is located in a hard-to-reach area that also contains oxygen sensors, exhaust pipes, and mufflers. This can lead to higher costs or additional repairs.  Depending on the exact situation, replacing your car’s catalytic converter can cost between $900 and $2,500,  however unlike in other states, in South Carolina, you are not required to fix it.   

What if the catalytic converter has been stolen?

Catalytic converters have become a popular target for thieves looking to make quick money. The good news is, your car will run just fine without it, but because it is attached to your exhaust system, it will be noisy, and it is bad for the environment.

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