Greenville Auto Repair

Engine Performance Check in Greenville, SC

Poor engine performance can mean expensive problems for your vehicle. It is essential to catch and address engine issues early, before they result in costly consequences.

Fortunately, today’s vehicles are equipped with check engine lights, as well as other warning lights, to let you know if there is a problem. When the check engine light illuminates, you should schedule a Diagnostic to identify the problem. If the check engine light is flashing, this indicates a more serious issue that should get looked at right away.

Aside from your check engine light, here are some additional signs that your engine performance might be in trouble:

  1. Loss of power, or shaking on acceleration
  2. Poor gas mileage
  3. Unusual or excessive noise
  4. Strange smells
  5. Leaks or puddles in your driveway
  6. Poor gas mileage
  7. Engine runs rough
  8. Engine tries to run even after shutting the car off.

Call and schedule a diagnostic, or book an appointment under the “appointments” tab.

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