Greenville Auto Repair

Headlight and Brake Light Inspections in Greenville, SC

Have your Brake Lights/ Headlights stopped working? Lights are something you may not think about often, but they are something that you will absolutely get pulled over and given a ticket for, because they play a major role in safe driving at night. If your car is newer, it may not just be a bulb. It can very often be an electrical issue. There are several things that could cause a light to go out:

  1. Broken fuses
  2. Bad bulbs
  3. Socket failure
  4. Worn out wiring
  5. A dirty or broken Ambient Light Sensor

Tracking down an electrical failure can be tricky and frustrating. Driving with lights out is a major safety concern. If you notice you have a light out, you should immediately address the problem, both for your own safety and the safety of others.

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