Greenville Auto Repair

Auto Tune-up in Greenville, SC

We all know that cars need regular oil changes, but how do you know when it needs a tune-up? In older cars, a tune-up is needed every 30,000-45,000 miles. Newer cars however, are controlled computers, and don't need a ''tune-up” in a traditional sense. A "tune-up" on a newer vehicle typically involves Spark plugs, wires, caps, rotors, and a fuel injection service. Some tune-ups may involve inspecting other systems, including air filters, fuel filters, belts, pumps, sensors, transmission fluid flush and brake fluid flush.

How often your vehicle needs a tune up varies with each car. We recommend a tune-up if you experience loss of power, trouble starting the vehicle, or notice strange smells or sounds coming from the engine.

Regular scheduled oil change and tune-ups will keep your car/truck/SUV performing at its peak, reduce major repair bills down the road, as well as keep your engine running reliably.

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